Our Mission

Wine's been with us for a long time. It managed to insinuate itself into almost every grand or day to day moments of our lives. From religious rites to imperial feasts, from medicine to dinner dates, wine has an ubiquitous influence upon us.

We love wine because each one we taste has a story for us, of where it came, how much sun it absorbed and how carefully the winemaker designed it. Because wine is inarguably the essence of countless factors playing their minor or major parts in what we finally get to enjoy when it arrives in the glass.


Be who you may, a seasoned wine connoisseur looking for a dear vintage or a novice tasting your first sips, educating your palate, or maybe just a friendly face in a hurry looking for a great gift for someone else, we are here to guide you on your wine journey. The beautifully curated portfolio on REWINE SHOP is your guide to a highly-accurate and easy-to-resonate-with system designed to help you find the best value for your money.

Expertise, talent and a deep love and understanding of wine are what drives us at REWINE SHOP to find the best wines for you. Our team of sommeliers, wine connoisseurs and consultants are on a constant lookout for the most coveted vintages created by the wine world's elite, but we also strive to discover the little hidden gems of lesser-known boutique wineries. Having these said, we invite you to join us on a wine journey that'll last a lifetime!

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