Terms of Service

Account - the section of the Site consisting of an e-mail address and a password that allows the Buyer to send the Order and which contains information about the Customer / Buyer and the Buyer's history on the Site (Orders, tax invoices, goods guarantees, etc.).

Contract - an Order confirmed by the Seller, by which the Seller agrees to sell and deliver the Products and Services and the Customer agrees to purchase, receive and pay for these Products and Services.

Courier - any person under public or private law who provides express courier services.

Customer - natural person / legal person who places an Order.

Order - an electronic document that intervenes as a form of communication between the Seller and the Customer through which the Customer expresses his intention to purchase certain Products and Services and to pay for them.

Products and Services - any product or service mentioned in the Order, to be provided by the Seller, the Customer.

Seller - Rewine S.R.L., a company based in Romania, with the headquarter in Oradea, Calea Borșului nr. 28B, jud. Bihor

Site - the web page of the Seller, respectively www.finewineselection.com

User - any person who visits www.finewineselection.com.

The content of www.finewineselection.com (the "Site") may not be used, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, for purposes other than those expressly and legally permitted. Extraction of any information followed by any commercial use beyond the scope of the private copy regulated by law or for sale or licensing and without prior written consent of the owners of property rights is a violation of the terms and conditions.

By accepting these terms and conditions you also agree not to affect or interfere in any way with the security elements of the Site, with the elements that prevent or restrict the use, copying of a content or elements that strengthen the limits of use of the Site or its content.

3.1. In cases where the content of the Site, regardless of the area in which it is located on the Site and regardless of the type, is taken over by the Site administrator from other producers / issuers of content or materials in text, image, graphics, video sequences, but without being limited to these, such a takeover is made in compliance with the legal provisions and applicable rules in such cases. Users understand and accept that the administrator of the Site is exempt from any liability for materials, data and information, but not limited to them, taken from any official sources, including those that have been published for the purpose and character of "communications by the press".

3.2. Users understand and accept that all information, data, materials posted on the Site are for information and guidance only, and that the administrator of the Site cannot be held liable in any case and in any way for the truthfulness and validity of the Site content, or for any legal effect arising from its use. Users undertake to respect all copyrights and related rights and any other intellectual property rights that the Site administrator and its partners hold over / in connection with the Site, its content, products and services, in any way or their component or in connection with their use.

3.3. Users understand and accept that in case of violation of any of the above provisions in any measure, they may be held liable to the authors / owners of the Site content. The content of the Site, regardless of the area in which it is located on the Site and regardless of its type, may be used exclusively for personal purposes, defined according to this document as purely non-commercial purposes, without any direct or indirect intention to obtain profits or gains of any kind from such use. Any use of content by third parties for any purpose other than personal may be made only with the written, express and prior consent of the administrator of the Site. It is forbidden to copy, take over, reproduce, publish, transmit, sell, distribute, in whole or in part the content of this Site or any part thereof made for any purpose other than personal. The administrator of the Site reserves the right to sue any person and / or entity that violates in any way the above provisions.

3.4. Requests to use the content of the Site for any purpose other than personal may be sent in any of the ways indicated on the contact page of the Site.

Any person who sends in any way information or materials to the Site, assumes the obligation not to prejudice in any way the copyright that a third party may invoke in connection with the materials and information transmitted in any way to the Site, and the persons who send in any way information or materials, understand and accept that the violation in any way of this obligation cannot in any way engage the responsibility of the administrator of the Site, but only the responsibility of the respective persons. Users who send in any way information or materials to the Site, agree to assign exclusively, indefinitely and in all territories, when sending them to the administrator of the Site, all rights to use, adapt, modify and / or retransmit the content with which they contribute or post on the Site. The Site administrator cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the content posted on the Site by any person, regardless of which section, service or facility that content is part of.

3.5. It is strictly forbidden to post on the Site any content, including materials, comments, images, videos, but not limited to them, which have obscene or vulgar language, contain illegal texts, threatening, abusive, indecent, racist, chauvinistic messages or other content that discriminates against any person in any way, or one that would violate any other human rights and freedoms according to the legislation in force. Users understand and agree that in the event of a breach in any way and to any extent of any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the Site administrator may choose at its sole discretion: to suspend in whole or in part the User's access to any Site service; to refuse to publish any content sent by the User in order to post to the Site or to modify in any way such content; to deny access to one or more of the facilities offered by the Site; to terminate the User's account on the Site, without any notice and without the need for any other formalities in this regard.

3.6. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Users understands and agrees, that the Site offers only a communication platform and they are the only ones responsible for any materials, data and information posted on the Site, regardless of the form and part in which they appear (eg blog, avatar, comments, etc.)., but not limited to them) and for any legal and / or commercial effects deriving from them.

4.1. The contents of the Site are protected by copyright law and trademark laws and they belong to their owners. Unless otherwise stated, you may access and use the information and materials on the Site for your personal use. The user may not change, modify, delete, display, transmit, adapt, exploit, or copy for distribution or sale of any information, materials, trademarks, copyrights or other sites. The user must obtain the written and prior permission from the administrator of the Site or from any other entity that owns the intellectual property over the content before being able to publish, distribute, display, or commercially exploit any material on the Site. By using the Site, you agree to abide by all copyright notices or other restrictions posted.

4.2. The content and graphics of the Site, including, but not limited to, all content in text format and any other material, transmitted in any form by and to Users (by direct viewing on the Site, by newsletters or by any other materials directly or indirectly related to the Site) belong to the administrator of the Site and represent the content of the Site. By exception from the previous provision, the Site administrator does not hold the property rights to those materials for which another holder has been indicated on the Site, or another owner or another source, nor to the opinions and / or comments of any kind expressed on the Site by the Users concerning materials of any kind posted on the Site or to its content.

6.1. Personal comments or suggestions related to the Site and our activity are permitted. However, we reserve the right not to review or take into account any unsolicited comments or suggestions regarding our business, products and services. This policy is intended to avoid the possibility of future misunderstandings if there are similarities between the ideas developed by our staff and the ideas presented by the User. Consequently, the Users are advised not to send us original and creative ideas, suggestions

or materials. If, despite our request, the User sends ideas, suggestions or materials, they become the property of Rewine, who will hold exclusively all the rights at international level, respectively the right to use them freely, for any purpose, without compensation or notification to those who provided them.

7.1. The user has the right to review the products and services. It is forbidden to publish reviews that contain abusive, vulgar, threatening, harassing, slanderous, defamatory, obscene language that invades the privacy of a person, violates intellectual property rights, other property rights, or any legal provisions.

7.2. It is forbidden to post materials that request funds, or that advertise or request goods or services. It is forbidden to post materials known to be fake. We are not responsible for materials posted by Users that are defamatory, obscene, invade privacy, infringe copyright or trademark. We reserve the right to remove reviews or messages that we deem unacceptable, offensive,

abusive, defamatory, obscene, outdated, or otherwise. We also reserve the right to edit materials. Whether we modify or remove such materials, users remain solely responsible for the content of messages or reviews. By posting reviews on the Site, you expressly grant the owner and / or relevant affiliated companies worldwide a perpetual and non-exclusive right to use reviews published, in original or edited, in television programs, books, articles, comments, or in any other environment known now or to be developed later. The User also guarantees that he/she owns or controls all rights to the content psted and that the use of such content will not infringe the rights of any third party.

8.1. The Site administrator will make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the Site and will endeavor to correct errors and omissions as soon as possible. The Site administrator provides no warranties or liability for the content of the Site and in no event shall it be liable for any loss or damage that may result from the use of any part, sequence or module of the content on the Site, or from the impossibility of using it, regardless of its cause, or from the erroneous interpretation of any provision of the Site content.

8.2. Users understand and accept that the functionality of the Site may be affected by certain objective causes, and that any services offered through the Site are offered according to the principle "as is". The Site administrator cannot be held liable for any information and data in the Site content, including but not limited to, text, images, videos, avatars, blogs, or any other activity related to use, as well as any other legal effect deriving from them.

8.3. Users understand and accept that the administrator of the Site is not liable in the event of any interruption, difficulty, malfunction or error in the operation of the Site, in case of a technical error of any kind or any error in providing the service, and in any situation in which the errors or technical problems are directly and exclusively due to the serious fault of the Site administrator.

8.4. The Users understand and agree that the Site administrator is not liabile for any direct, indirect damages, including but not limited to loss of profit, trade or other intangible losses, resulting from the use of the products and services or any other aspect related to the service, as well as the use of the content of the Site in any way or any legal effects deriving from it. Users understand and accept that the administrator of the Site is not liable for advertising messages posted on the Site or through the products and services, as well as for the goods or services provided by the authors of these advertising messages.

8.5. In cases of force majeure, the administrator of the Site and / or the operators, directors, employees, branches, subsidiaries and its representatives, are totally exonerated from liability. Cases of force majeure include, but are not limited to, malfunctions of the technical equipment of the Site administrator, failure of internet connection, failure of telephone connections, computer viruses, computer attacks of any kind and interference with computer programs, malicious and unauthorized access to the Site's systems, operating errors, strikes, etc.

8.6. Users agree to protect, insure and indemnify in full the administrator of the Site and / or the operators, directors, employees, branches, subsidiaries and its representatives of and against any, claims, actions, taxes, losses, damages, costs (including, but without limitation to the fees of lawyers, experts and consultants or executors, court fees, notaries or enforcement fees), expenses, judgments, decisions, fines, regularizations or other obligations resulting from or related to any other action of the User in connection with the use of the products and services or any other aspect in connection therewith. Rewine, or any of its licensors or suppliers, will not be liable for any special or indirect damages resulting from the use or inability to use the materials or information on the Site, or any products or services provided in accordance with the Site, even if the User hasn't been informed of the possibility of such damages. The applicable law cannot allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, loss of data), so that the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to the User. Neither Rewine or its licensors our suppliers, will be liable for any damages, losses and causes of action (whether in contract, damage, or otherwise) that exceed the amount paid by Users to us, if any, for accessing the Site. Rewine cannot be liable for damages of any kind that the Customer or any third party may suffer as a result of Rewine's fulfillment of any of its obligations under the order and for damages resulting from the use of the Goods and Services after delivery and in particular for their loss.

8.7. By creating and using the account, the User assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the account data (user and password) and for managing access to the account, and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, is responsible for the activity carried out through his account. By creating the account and / or using the content and / or placing the orders, the User expressly and unequivocally accepts these Terms and Conditions of the Site in their latest updated version that is published on the Site, at the time of the creation of the account and / or use the content and / or the date of placing the Order.

8.8. Subsequent to the creation of the account, the use of the content is equivalent to accepting the changes made to the Site's Terms and Conditions and / or their updated versions. The Terms and Conditions of the Site may be modified at any time Rewine. The acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Site is confirmed by checking the corresponding checkbox on the Site and / or by sending the Order and / or by making an online payment.

9.1. Placing an order is possible only if an account is created on the Site and if the User / Customer logs in. Creating an account on the Site is necessary to ensure that we sell alcoholic beverages only to persons who have reached the legal age in the country of consumption, according to the law.

9.2. After the desired products have been added to the cart, click the "Finish order" button either from the window that appears after adding a product to the cart, or by accessing the shopping cart in the upper right corner and

pressing the "Next step" button. The login window will appear. If you do not have an account, please click on the "New account" button. After entering the data necessary to register the account, click the "Register me" button. After this stage, the order invoicing data and the delivery address are entered. Payment of the order can be made both by cash on delivery, upon receipt of the order from the courier, and online, using a bank card. Users are asked to check the correctness of the data and complete the order through the "Send order" button.

10.1. The final price paid by the Customer consists of the price of the product, to which the delivery costs are added. Delivery costs are detailed on the Site. All prices for products and services sold on the Site, are expressed in euros and contain all taxes. Payment can be made in the following ways: refund upon receipt of the order from the courier; bank transfer; online with bank card through STRIPE.

10.2. Rewine has an e-commerce payment gateway installed as an electronic payment system. All data provided to the Seller for this purpose are encrypted to ensure maximum security and are hosted on a secure server certified according to the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Under

no circumstances will the card details be stored in the files of the Seller. If applicable, and for the sole purpose of the contractual process developed, they may only be stored by the bank payment gateway.

10.3. In order to be able to offer you attractive payment methods we cooperate with STRIPE.

10.4. Within the order process we will be sending your data to STRIPE for the purpose of verifying your identity and creditworthiness as well as the performance of the contract.

11.1. The delivery of the products is made through a express courier service (UPS), to the addresses on the territory of the European Union. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the products, please indicate as the delivery address an address where you can be found between 9 am -17 pm.

11.2. Delivery times for products will depend on the method chosen by the User when placing the order. All deliveries are carried out by third parties in accordance with the specified deadlines. However, local / regional / state holidays and force majeure events, among others, may affect these delivery times.

11.3. If at any time the Customer indicates that the product or products purchased are 'a gift' and, therefore, if the delivery details identify another person that is not the Customer, or if the purchased product is a 'Gift Card', the Customer acknowledges that they have the authorization of the recipient regarding their data to be processed by the Seller, despite the fact that the latter confirms that it will not use the data for other purposes other than the delivery of the product. The Customer also acknowledges that the recipient is of full legal age and has the sufficient legal capacity to enjoy the goods that are being delivered.

12.1. Rewine makes every effort to ensure that the products delivered and our services are of the highest quality. Our specialists carefully and passionately select each wine offered on the Site, and the innovative and intelligent storage and packaging system, which protects the wine against shocks or unfavorable temperatures, ensures storage and transport in optimal conditions to maintain product quality until it reaches the Client. However, if there are problems with the ordered products and you want to return them, please contact us by email at info@finewineselection.com and we will do our best to remedy the situation.

12.2. The return of the products is possible within fourteen (14) days from their delivery. The costs of returning the products will be borne by the Customer. If the complaint is justified, the Customer has the option to request either the replacement of the product or its value, in which case he will receive a value coupon that covers the value of the wine and transport. The coupon can be used to make a new purchase through the website www.finewineselection.com.

12.3. Any Customer can request the return of the money paid within fourteen (14) days, after completing and sending the return form to customer service, indicating the reason for the return. The form will be sent by email to info@finewineselection.com. The form can be accessed at this link.

12.4. In any case, the product(s) must be delivered to the Seller at the Customer's expense, in the same condition and packaging in which it was delivered, with its original labeling. This right may not be exercised with respect to sealed goods, which are not suitable for return due to health, safety or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed after delivery.

12.5. Upon receipt of any goods subject to cancellation, the Seller will refund, without undue delay, the corresponding payment received from the CUSTOMER.

12.6. If the products delivered by the Seller have quality problems, the Buyer will have the opportunity to opt for a refund, provided that the return form for quality problems is completed and provided that the quality problems reported are proven. After completing and submitting the form, the Customer will be contacted by a representative of the Seller, to clarify the details of the problems reported and the refund procedure. Return costs are the responsibility of the Customer. If the Seller considers that the quality issues reported by the Buyer are unfounded, he will have the right to refuse the refund of the value of the products.

13.1. Rewine is a personal data processor, and the confidentiality of data provided by Users and Customers is a constant concern. Rewine will process personal data in accordance with European and national legislation in force

at the time of data processing. The privacy policy can be accessed here: Privacy Policy and GDPR.

14.1. The Site uses cookies. Our cookie policy can be accessed here: COOKIES FILE POLICY.

15.1. Rewine prohibits the use of the e-mail service if it results in the transmission, distribution and delivery of unsolicited e-mail or unsolicited commercial messages ("SPAM") and also if the messages you send through the service provided: does not use and does not contain incorrect or falsified headers; does not use and does not contain incorrect or non-existent domain names; does not use any technique to distort, conceal or obstruct by other means any information identifying the point of origin or the transmission route; does not use other deceptive means of addressing; does not use Internet domain names belonging to third parties and is not retransmitted from or through the equipment of a third party, without its permission; does not contain in the subject line false or misleading information and does not present in any other way false or misleading content; does not comply with technical standards.

15.2. Rewine does not authorize the collection, analysis or collection of email addresses or other information from or through the Site. Rewine does not allow or authorize other persons to use the Site to collect, compile or obtain information about Customers or Users, including and without limitation, the email addresses of Users, which are confidential information with property rights of Rewine. Use of the service is in accordance with the Privacy Statement and the Service Agreement of Rewine.

15.3. Rewine does not allow or authorize any attempt to use the Site in a

manner that would harm, disable, overburden or impair the Site in any way or that would interfere with the full use of the Site by any other party. If Rewine finds that there is an unauthorized and improper use of the Site, it may take, without prior notice, the measures it deems appropriate, according to its own considerations, including blocking messages from a specific Internet domain, e-mail server or IP address.

15.4. Rewine may immediately delete any account of any service where it finds, according to its own considerations, that a link of any kind is sent or there is an e-mail message that violates this policy.

15.5. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to grant the User any right to send or send e-mail through or to the service.

15.6. Failure to impose this policy in all situations does not amount to a waiver of Rewine.

15.7. Unauthorized use of the service in connection with the transmission of unsolicited e-mail, including e-mail that violates this policy, may result in civil, criminal and administrative sanctions against the sender and those who assist him.

16.1. Each of the Users of our Site must understand that the tools, processes, strategies, materials and information on the Site are subject to the regulations in the field of copyright and intellectual property, so that Users agree not to register, reproduce, distribute, multiply our information in any way without our written permission. Any unauthorized use or distribution of our concepts, the Site, the materials, and other intellectual property by Users or their representatives is prohibited and we reserve the right to seek redress in court for damages caused as a result of violating these rights.

16.2. The Site administrator makes constant efforts to maintain the accuracy of the information on the Site, but sometimes it may contain inadvertent (specifications or prices of products modified by the manufacturer without notice or vitiated by operating errors).

16.3. The photos are informative and may contain accessories that are not included in the standard packages.

17.1. Once created, the account remains valid for an indefinite period or until the User decides to close it or, as the case may be, until a date on which the administrator, with prior notification sent by e-mail, ceases to offer this service.

17.2. The right to use the created account automatically ceases in case of violation by the User of the provisions of Terms and Conditions. In this case, the User is solely responsible for all expenses related to the account and after its closure. The administrator is not responsible for data / information loss caused by closing the account.

18.1. The rights and obligations of the Users and of the administrator of the Site, provided by the Terms and Conditions, as well as all the legal effects that the Terms and Conditions produce will be interpreted and governed in accordance with the Romanian law. Any dispute arising out of

or in connection with the Terms and Conditions will be settled amicably. In case of impossibility to reach an agreement, the dispute will be solved by the competent Romanian court located in the territorial area of the Site administrator.

19.1. The loyalty program is offered exclusively to individuals (natural persons). In order to benefit from the loyalty program, the Buyer will have to create an account on www.finewineselection.com and will have to make purchases in order to enter the Silver, Gold, (5% discount compared to the Silver price) and Platinum categories (10% discount compared to the Silver price). An additional 5% discount is granted for quantities greater than six (6) bottles of the same label.

19.2. In order to benefit from the discounts offered by the loyalty program,

the Buyer will have to be logged into his account when viewing the products and placing the order. The Seller reserves the right to change the terms of the loyalty and discount program at any time.

19.3. Depending on the stock available, the Seller may organize additional promotions, which will be announced on the Site and in the newsletter. In order to benefit from the promotions organized by the Seller, the Buyer must create an account on the Site and give his consent to receive newsletter.

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