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2018 Cantina La Salute Liette Sauvignon

Bottle (75 cl - Standard)

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Appearence Appearence
straw yellow
Scent Scent
powerful aromas of passion fruit, guava, mango, sage, bell pepper and fig leaves
Taste Taste
fresh and savoury with fruity flavours and refreshing aftertaste
Cantina La Salute

Cantina la Salute is an Italian winery from Treviso wine region near Piave river. Winemakers from Cantina la Salute embrace the region’s great heritage in winemaking and carefully apply modern technology into the process thus creating good quality Italian wines using both local and international grape varieties. The vineyard spreads in the towns of Ponte di Piave, Monastier, Zenson, Biancade and San Polo di Piave. The entire vineyard captivates with its great landscapes, wines and rich history.

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Veneto Wines

Veneto is an increasingly important wine region in the northeastern corner of Italy. Authentic Italian wines from Veneto are proudly represented by red Valpolicella wines that complement the intense Amarone and sweet Recioto. Though Veneto isn't the largest wine region in Italy it certainly produces more fine wines than the rest. Especially white wines made from Soave and sparkling wines such as Prosecco made from Glera. With such a diverse range of wines, Veneto seems quite a serious wine region, doesn't it?

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Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Wines

Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine grape variety original from Bordeaux, France, where it makes a good pair with Sémillon in Sancerre. Sauvignon Blanc wines are generally associated with Pouilly-Fumé where the wine reveals a very specific flint aroma that derives from the region's particular limestone soils. A classic Sauvignon Blanc has grassy aromas with hints of nettles, blackcurrant leaf, green apples and gooseberries. Besides France, the grape makes excellent wine in New Zealand and the USA.

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