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2019 Mad Wine Harslevelu

Bottle (75 cl - Standard)

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Appearence Appearence
straw yellow with golden hues
Scent Scent
rich with floral notes accompanied by honey and apricots
Taste Taste
intense and fruity structure followed by a distinct minerality and a refreshing aftertaste
Mad Wine

Mad wine is a famous Hungarian winery located in the heart of the Tokaj wine region. Traditionally speaking, this region is famous for its great quality dessert wines made mostly with the key grape variety Furmint. Also more recently, Tokaj started producing fine dry wines as well. Mad Wine winery was founded by oenologist Istvan Szepsy whose philosophy is to create superior wines that reflect the greatness of the variety and region.

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Tokaj Wines

Tokaj holds the title of the most famous wine region in Hungary thanks to its renowned botrytized Tokaji dessert wines. The main viticultural centres here are the towns of Mad, Tarcal and of course Tokaj. The grape varieties used in making Tokaji wines are Furmint, Harslevelu and Sárgamuskotály (Muscat Blanc). Furmint, which dominates the Tokaji wines, is famous for its naturally high acidity, high sugar levels and peppery aromatic profile. Very promising dry whites from this region!

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Hárslevelű Wines

Harslevelu is a highly aromatic grape variety in Hungary best known for its role in sweet Tokaji Wines alongside Furmint. Harslevelu wines are rich in honey notes followed by smoky hints and as its name suggests (Harslevelu means"linden leaf") the wines reveal linden-like aromas as they age. This Hungarian grape variety can also generate full-bodied herbaceous dry wines. Besides Hungary, Harslevelu is to be found in Germany, Slovakia and some parcels in South Africa.

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